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By popular demand (you kept pestering me!)
 .....now in alphabetical order,...
....And with links to MP3 files,... but you'll have to go hunting for those!!

"About Time" Lyric (still waiting for me to sort out the music)

"Abyss" Poem

"Alien" Poem (on parenthood)

"Almost" Poem

"Any Other Way" Poem (possibly will get a tune and become a lyric.)

"A Soldier" Lyric (Now the first PB Music Video on Youtube, MySpace (and My Music page of course!)

"A War Of Words?" Poem (on poetic inspiration,.. or insanity?)

"Consider this" Poem

"Cool Grandad" Poem

"Daisies" Poem, I have been really hassled to put this one here. I wrote it in 1959, when I was five.
It's not the first one but it is the only one surviving on paper from that time, because my mom pinched it!

"Don't give a damn" Lyric (definitely a ROCK number!!)

"Duty calls on lovers" Lyric

"Elohi" Poem

"Grown Men Don't Cry" Lyric

"Half Way From Heaven" Lyric (It's your world,...)

"Here and There" Poem (I'm not sure what inspired this,..)

"Hello Again" Poem (in memory of missing friends)

"Honestly" Poem (the lighter side of love!)

"If I,.. " Lyric (inspired by a piece of classical music and a band called "SKY")

"If I could just get your attention," Poem

"In My Haze" Poem (explains how I write some of the 'stranger' stuff!)

"It's O.K." Poem (a veteran's legacy)

"Listen " Poem (another one with a tune somewhere about it, just aint done that yet!)

"No Greater Love" Lyric, currently in progress as a CD.

"Once in a lifetime" Lyric

"Questions" Poem (humourous,... but very real !)

"Rainbow" Lyric (The music for this one is,... strange. It was a dream I had,... and a girl I met,... written on a sleepless night much later.)

"Scrap of Life" Poem (a reluctant "hero's" story)

"Shine in my eyes" Lyric (from a memory way back in Cheltenham)

"Some Way" Poem (There's a sort of tune lurking behind this one)

"Song for Ruth" Lyric (possibly one of my best songs,.. and yes, it really is about my daughter Ruth!)

"Still a sparkle,.." Poem (sometimes ! feel this old)

"Still Here" Poem (Written specifically about the tragedy of 9/11, in memory of those we lost to an act of mindless hatred)

"Switches" Poem (with a picture theme,...)

"This is Crazy" Lyric (Crazy,.. ain't that the truth!)

"Touch me" Lyric (This one started life as a bum note in a chord!)

"Waste Of Time" Lyric (for some reason this came out sort of 'country-rock / blues',...)

"What?.." Poem (maybe an insight into my reticent romantic instinct?)

"Where Do I Go From Here?" Lyric (The more I learn about women, the less I know,..)

"Will You?" Lyric (A proposal set to a tune,...)

"Winter's Breath" Lyric (A poem ,.. put to music later,..)

"Wants 'n' Needs" Poem (title says it all!)

"Woman Sea" Poem (depending how you read it,... sad or steamy!!)

"Worn Out" Poem (written for a friend,.. from experience!)

"Yeah Right !" Poem (... me a poet?!)

"You" Poem (and I meant every word,... still do too!)

"You Have Your Reasons" Lyric

"You Know What I'm Like" Lyric

"You What?" Poem (sometimes, love is where you least expect!)


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