"In My Haze"

Sometimes it is a burden.
Sometimes it is a curse.
Some might say I'm mad.
Some might say something worse.
I let my senses wander
And sometimes it's a surprise
To find my strange perspective
Through some stranger's eyes

I never go out looking
For these friends of mine.
They invite themselves,
And meander through my mind.
I don't know what a shrink might say,
I never thought to ask.
I just write it down
Cause that's the task.

Experience is costly
For a foolish man.
I guess I find it easier
To understand.
I have my own emotions
But they seem to blend
Where holes were left unanswered
Now they mend.

Just walking down a street
I find myself a smile.
Given thoughts from eyes that hide
Yet touch mine for a while.
I wonder if they ever meant to share
Those thoughts with me?
Fuel for my passion,
Here in poetry

So please excuse me if I touch your heart.
I don't want to hurt it
Or render you apart.
I only stepped behind you
To see it through your gaze.
A ghost of your emotions
In my haze.

PB 29 March 2004

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