"Song for Ruth"

Funny how our children see the world a different way;
Innocently accurate in many things they say.
They believe in fairy-tales where things can work out fine.
How did one so beautiful become a child of mine?


'I will be a princess,' she says, 'Mummy will be queen.'
'My brother will become a prince and Daddy, you'll be king!'
Then she falls asleep as I stand watching from the door,
Thinking, ‘Daddy doesn't live here any more.
But dream on princess, princess dream on;
Your daddy doesn't live here any more.’
'Cause we were just thrown together like two trees blown by the storm,
And stand apart now with our branches ripped and torn.
Two passing passions that were never reconciled,...
But tell me, how do I explain it to a child?
Dear God, How do I explain it to a child?

She strokes my hair the way her mother used to do
And all my emotions get suddenly confused.
She says 'I love you Daddy.'
'I love you too.' is all I say.
She has her mother's eyes, and I just have to look away!

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PB Dec 1990

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