"Touch me"

When your world caves in
Just reach out your hand.
If you need somebody,
I'll try to understand.
If love becomes another curse
And all you feel is pain,
Just let me hold you
And rebuild your trust again.

When you're lonely
And your dreams all fall apart,
Remember how I called you
But now listen with your heart.
When the road grows hard and cold
And all you hear is scorn,
Just wrap my love around you
And I will keep you warm.

And you say,
'This is a Christian country where Crowlies act the fool.
Sure it's hell to get a wage.
That's some small pity for all those in cardboard cities
But then who listens to the sage?
You've got your kids in crisis, kids in care
'cause 'Daddy' keeps his troubles in a jar.
Abusers get the treatment while their victims run for cover
It doesn't really matter who you are!

Dear God!
Dear god!
Oh dear God!

Some-one takes the credit for all those pieces that they edit,
Does it matter who the finger falls upon?
You owe it to the nation to collect your small citation
'cause the heroes of the moment have all gone.
You can read it in the papers,
Or you can pay to keep it out
And suddenly it's charity for fame.
Every move's a gamble where the odds are stacked against you
And the whole damned crooked system's gone insane!

Dear God!
Dear god!
Oh dear God!

But listen,.....
When your world caves in,
Just reach out your hand.
When you need somebody,
I'm here to try and understand.
And when the world around you screams
...Just call my name.
Whatever else has altered,
I will be the same.
Trust me.
Whatever else has altered,
I will be the same.

Touch me.

PB 28 March 2004


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