"Shine in my eyes"

Walking through this empty town
With echoes of my feet.
Litter blown past the lamp-posts by the wind;
And the lights on the street,...
They shine.....in my eyes.
Shine.....in my eyes.

Standing in the station,
Watching trains:
I see your hand still waving,
As your ghost pulls out again.
All the lights in the station
Seem to mock me in my pain;
Like spotlights for my feelings.
I'm lonely again.
They shine....in my eyes.
Shine in my eyes.

So I walk these empty streets at night
'cos I just can't stand a lonely room.
Each time I close my eyes to sleep,
I see your face all too soon.
And I just don't understand now
Why it was you had to go.
It seems crazy I still love you,
But I wonder,...do you know?
You still shine in my eyes.
Ah you still shine in my eyes.

Shine.... on….
Shine on.
Shine.... on…
Shine on me Babe,…
shine on me.
Shine on me Babe,…
Shine on me….
(Wherever you are my angel, shine on me….)

PB 1972

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