"Here and There"

The first few rays of sun that light the dusky eastern sky
Shine like torchlight in the corners of my dreams
Your eyes still closed in peace will not wake today.

Not here beneath these violet hills where once we walked and shared
Our thoughts and passions with the breeze that took the heat
And carried all those dreams so far away.

We learned to love here where the sun kissed your hair with gold
Glowing in the distance as you watched me return
From toils I learned to soon forget, lost in your smile.

Now here I stand at sunrise watching where we crossed the stream
Beside which we watched the light sparkle on the water
Reflected in your eyes.

And there now stands a single tree, a symbol of our trust
That marks the place I see you now as often as I must

There I left your fragile body where we were both most at peace
Where I would see you as you were without the pain we shared as one
Before you left me here alone.

And here I will remember you the way you'd want me too
For here I sense you watching me, here alone I'm whole
We shared each part of who we were
But only here, I feel you there and know.

PB 27/08/2007


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