I saw your eyes meet mine.
Well almost.
You looked away and left me paralysed,
Wondering why,
Or if,
Or maybe just wondering.

We talked with common interests.
Well almost.
And you left me thinking of you,
Wondering when,
Or how,
Or maybe just wondering.

We share the same places.
Well almost.
Never planning to be there,
Pure coincidences,
Or chance,
Or simple opportunity.

I think about you all the time.
Well almost.
I concentrate on something else,
And there you are,
In my head,
Welcome always,
Not quite unexpected.

You own my heart.
Well almost.
I just never told you yet,
We're such good friends,
I think you'd laugh,
Run away,
I wont risk that,
So I keep my feelings to myself.
Well almost.

PB 7th December 2002

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