"Wants 'n' Needs"

I want to tell you
But I need to find the words.
I want to hold you
But I need to reach you.
I want you to trust me
But I need the patience
I can't find.
I need to tell you
But the words come out all wrong.
I need to explain
But you can't hear my thoughts.
I need to feel you
But I can't get close enough.
And I want to be the one you need
Because I need to feel wanted
By you.
So I stand here at a distance,
Feeling feelings slip away,
Like sand through my fingertips,
Or water through a hole.
Watching every move you make
And mesmerised by love
I stand just feet from Heaven,
Without the will to move
My wants or needs.
And you?
You just need to
Turn around
And I will give you
You want.

PB 13/05/2004


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