"Worn Out"

Am I getting old for this?
Did I loose the plot somewhere?
Have I lost my looks THAT much?
(I know I lost my hair!)
But I thought that I could count on you
To love me when it all went wrong,
Or as pear-shaped as it has become.
So why am I alone?

I feel worn out by all this effort.
Did I really sign up for this?
Forgetting why we fell in love,
We now fall in and out of bliss.
And I'm too tired,
And you're too cold,
And I'm worn out
And growing old.
And I'm fed up,
And you don't care,
And now we stand apart and stare
At everything we used to love,
Not seeing any change.
So why are we still here?
Our lives have rearranged
But we weren't watching,...
Were we?

PB 19/10/2002


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