"It's O.K."

Their eyes have never seen those things
That eyes were never made to view.
They have no comprehension here,
No reference that they can compare
To things they never have to do.

They did not wake in some strange land,
Without a day to call their own.
They never held a stranger's hand
To bring them comfort in the chaos,
So how could they have known?
Or much less,.. understand?

So many times they scream for peace.
They lend their voices to a cry
That calls to arms should never be,
But what they never want to see
Is what it cost to earn their
Clear blue sky.

I shall not begrudge their voice.
I cannot claim their right to know.
We never wanted them to see
And for that very reason,
It was our own choice to go,
That they are free.

PB 29 March 2004

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