"Consider this"

Ok,.. for those who don't believe.
Consider this,...
Energy is infinite
Or nothing can exist.
Material in any form
Is just a ball of charge.
Depending on how well compressed
That makes it small
Or large.
Time is just a measure
Of how long it takes for stuff
To pass into it's native state
And there is not enough,
To measure simple energy
In all its many forms.
Thus time is only relative
To where this stuff belongs.
Time is relative to matter,
Which doesn't count at all.
So what happens to your energy
When your time is called?

Thirty bits of silver,.
Yeah, that's about the cost
Of all your body's chemicals
When the energy is lost.
You know the man is dead
Because you stilled his beating heart,
All bought and paid for,..

But you didn't buy the vital part!

That bit was free!

PB 2004

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