Long before I saw your face I dreamed of you
And dreaming, held you in my arms.
It's like a dream come true.
I stand here staring, not believing
The proof before my eyes
And you smile,
Just like in my dreams
And something in me cries.

I almost screamed to know the truth,
Raw as the first cold light of day.
I loved you so,
I loosed my grasp
And just watched you fly away.


Just a year ago I took your hand in mine.
I could never let you go
Because I held you in my mind.
Together we made music,
Together danced alone,
Together broke each other's hearts.
They even broke as one.
I could cry remembering how
You gently slew me with your charms
And crush this shell
You left of my heart.
I could have held you in my arms

But I just let you go.

Rainbow, shining in the rain.
Touching me, it feels you leave
A multicolor stain.
Though it's cold I feel so warm;
I can't explain this feeling of
My rainbow.

Shine on me still,
My rainbow.

PB June 1981


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