"You What?"

I was watching something on the telly.
You were saying something was a fact.
I wasn't really listening and then you just went quiet.
I thought you said,... I missed it, couldn't be,
What was that?

We've known each other for so long.
Shared our troubles,
Shared our songs.
Such friendship now is hard to find
And as I read between the lines
To find there's more than what I thought
But now, I don't quite understand;
You think you've found the ideal man?

You said you'd had enough of guys
Who mess you up and tell you lies.
And now You look into my eyes
I see a look I never noticed,
Caught me here quite by surprise,
I thought I heard you mention me.
Something about an empty bed,
Finding space for someone,...
What was that you said?

We've been friends too long to joke,
Our separate loves all gone in smoke.
And now we sit here face to face,
I think I heard you right.
You've known me for so long you think,...
You what?

PB 31/05/2004


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