Let me take you in my arms
Caress your silken skin
with trembling fingers.
Let me feel your breath
Like a soft wind on my neck.
Let me dance with you
To music that reminds us both
Of who we always want to be
I would be your wishes
You are all of mine to me.
You are the sun kissed morning petals
Glistening in the early dew.
Every bird's song calls your sweetness
Each and every note is you.
The sweetness of each rose or lilly
Holds your scent to me.
You are every glint of moonlight
Shimmering on the silver sea.
Each wave that folds across the shorline
Seems to wash right over me
With every touch or kiss or gesture,
You are everywhere I see.
No matter where you touch, we fit
As if designed to be as one.
To leave me wanting nothing more
Than rest beneath your golden sun.
You are my warmth when winter's fingers
Clasp another's face with chill.
I can always feel you near me
And, I guess I always will.
Even in my dreams I love you.
I can be so far away
Secure in the bond between us
I can never break away.
Let me touch your inner secrets,
Deep within you let me find
That moment where the world holds breathless
In the visions of your mind.
Together we shall fly like eagles
Where the lark has never been.
You are my tears of joy
And sadness.
I am nothing without you.
Are everything.

PB 31/05/2004


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