"Some Way"

In some crazy way I knew before.
I was already standing here beside the door,
Waiting for your footsteps,
Simply knowing you would come
But only when was never mentioned,
Just a feeling you’d be home.

Seems only yesterday I closed the door.
You said you’d leave so many times before.
I wasn’t really listening
To what I knew must be.
I saw it coming, any fool could see
Your patience wearing thin.
Already feeling quite alone.

It was time to see if you could really fly.
I saw that freedom crying in your eyes.
Just a note to tell me
You had caught the wind,
Soaring off to places I have never been.
But now my angel,
You return once more to me.
So I can mend your broken wings.

And in some crazy way I think I understand.
That you should seek this comfort from a simple man.
In some way connected
Though not at all,
A gentler landing for you maybe,
Should you fall.
You heal so quickly,
Then you fly away.

Not knowing that I love you
In some really crazy way.

PB 05 May 2004


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