"Still a Sparkle,.."

We were young then, you and I,
No clouds to clutter up our clear blue sky.
We were young, in love so true,
Nothing could ever come between us two.
Our love would keep us warm
When all the world was cold as ice
And I could light a candle
From the sparkle in your eyes.
They lit up a path for me to travel on,
You woke up one morning,
I was gone.

We traded letters just to keep in touch,
Seems crazy now we wrote about so much.
We were so young, in love so true,
Not even distance came between us two.
They travelled with me
All those words so fine,
Albeit fading with the passing time.
They kept me going when the road was cruel,
My precious moments
Like a fuel.

I never realised how time could fly.
A trunk of letters now is piling high.
Ever since we were so young in love so true,
What is it that keeps me still with you?
So now we stand here in our evening light,
So many memories fading out of sight,
Not a single word was spoken but I realised,
There's still that sparkle
In your eyes

PB 15 April 2004


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