You ask me do I love you,
What do you want to hear?
I try hard to explain
But still you give me tears.
I pour out my heart to you
As I never have before.
The whole of my emotions
Lying scattered on the floor.
You ask me am I faithful
And the answer seems too brief,
Resulting in an argument
And sveral days of grief!
You ask me do I notice girls
Away from you,..
I tell the truth, I'm just a man;
I score them out of ten
And they fall short of what I feel for you.
(Phew,.. that was close!)
You ask me if I like the food
You took so long to cook tonight.
Of course I do, I'm enjoying every mouthfull
(and I wouldn't dare say otherwise!)
You ask me if I'd fight to keep you.
You seemed surprised I answered 'No'
But smiled when I explained
You have the right to come or go
... You're not my slave you know.
And then that question
That every man obeys,...
'Does my bum look big in this?'
I falter now what should I say?
I pride myself on honesty,..
Nnnn,... Wwww,... I falter stunned
And then I run away!

PB 7 July 2002


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