"About Time"

Too many times we stand apart, strangers without reason so to be,
Too many angry words were spoken in the past
None so blind as those who will not see.

Too many feelings without hope and never given hope to ever change
Too many reasons without reason,
No common feelings for exchange.

I wonder where we let it go so wrong, something we missed along the way.
Slipped through our fingers like so many grains of sand
To leave us with so little here to say.

Seems everybody else can read the signs where we could never find the words at all.
Maybe too proud or foolish to believe that things can change,
We never saw the writing on the wall.

Now I stand alone here ,
Like standing in a desert,
Where tears can fall like rain but nothing ever seems to grow.
Calling out to you,
The echoes stilled by silence,
Like crying in a language no-one ever seems to know.
The smoke from burning bridges
Hanging lifeless in the distance,
Where the road to here was broken down the line.
If anyone should listen,
For the sake of all our children,
Dear God, then maybe now itís about time.

PB 22nd August 2002

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