"Listen "

The storms of life rage loud and long.
No space for thought amid this din.
No time and very little room for love.
Small wonder that you wonder
Where do you belong?
Where do you fit in?

Too easy to forget the why
We run this race we never win.
Too tired to lift another foot,
Too tired for any change of pace
What was the point?
Why not give in?

So when it now comes down to this,
The storm blows on to leave you cold,
Naked to the touch of fear.
Exhausted, fallen where you stood,
Who will take the time to reach
A hand for you to hold?

Be still, let the silence fall
Where once was chaos, grief and pain,
Listen to the voice of calm
Still calling with its gentle tone,
Care and understanding.
You are not alone.

You never were.

PB 28 March 2004


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