"Woman Sea"

On balmy evenings calm she lays,
Asleep and breathing soft and low
And as the sun sets ‘cross her skin,
It shines with golden glow.
And as the moon begins to rise,
So changes to it’s silken kiss.
Each rise and gently murmuring flow
Turns silver in it’s bliss.

Oh, I could bathe in her caress.
Her soothing murmur in my ears.
Content to lay in her embrace,
To ease away my cares.
I could explore her deepest secrets
Where no other man might go.
There we would share exquisite moments
Only she and I would know.

I run my fingers ‘cross her skin
And feel it ripple ‘neath my hand
And as we part I lay me down
To watch her race across the sand.

Yet quickly as she’d do my bidding,
Changes with a breath of air
She rises up and comes beside me,
Wanton, tugging at my hair.
Yet further into passion’s torment
Driven wild she rages on
And casting me about
She comes and goes around me
Long after all my strength is gone

I feel her power now exploding,
Arched as if held in the air
And falling like a wall of motion.
To her I am not even there.
Yet still she rises up once more
And all but cleaves my frame in parts
Where once she was so soft, now
Like a force of iron to devour my heart

Round and round she rages on still
Up and down and in and out,
Tearing at the bed beneath her,
Throwing bits of it about.
Gasping as she pulls back, roaring
As if from deep within
She rolls me, locked in her emotion
As she pulls me deeper in

Pounding on me from above
I gasp for air I hardly feel,
Before she smothers me completely.
Her ecstasy extreme and real.
I can sense her awesome power,
As she drags me up the shore
To leave me lying limp and lifeless
Where she found me stood before.

All around me I can hear the ocean
They say man is an island he.
Surrounded by and open to
The torment of the Woman Sea

© PB 04/02/2004


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