"Grown Men Don't Cry"

Some you win, yeah
Some you lose.
Some get picked while others,
They get to choose!
Some are so happy,
Some so sad.
Some are so good
Yet others turn out oh so bad
And you say..


Grown men don't cry.
Grown men don't cry
Or so you say.
You say grown men don't cry
Do they?
...(Oh no? Yes they do.)

Some are so rich, yeah
Some so poor.
Some are inside
While others still stand outside the door.
Some are so modest,
Some so vain.
Some are so different
While others turn out all the same
And you say..


Some are so light, yeah
Some so dark.
Some are decorated
Some are stark..
Some are so costly,
Some completely free.
Everyone is somebody
But no-one else is me!
But you say..


PB 20 Dec 1990


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