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Impossible Question?
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The problem with reducing everything with a rational scientific explanation is that life might seem to loose its mystery. In spite of what people might say, even the most agnostic among us, actually believes in something, even if it just in themselves. As children, we start to learn by asking questions. How many parents are driven almost round the bend by their offspring asking,
"Why?" !!
So why is it that as we grow older, we seem to become content to accept whatever we are taught, simply because it is easy to accept the status quo?
Religion has in the past and still today, caused more political disasters than any other single aspect of our lives. Somehow, we all manage to confuse what we believe with a personal ego. It is this ego that makes it possible for extreme views to be carried over into actions that are totally out of context and more damaging than most nightmares. If we cannot look back at history and learn, history will (and does) repeat itself.
The one question that is often asked but never answered without some religious predjudice is "Why are we here?"
Let's make that more personal,... "Why am I here?"
Ask yourself that question every time you wake up,.... yes, you do actually know the answer, it's just that the answer is not easy to live with, given the way we are taught that life is all about winning. It isn't. If winning is everything, somebody ends up controlling everything at the expense of everybody else.
That first law of physics that states, energy cannot be created nor destroyed, brings every being in the world together as one entity. We all have the same basic chemical and DNA makeup; we are not separated by race, religion, appearance or any other aspect that we put so much importance on. We are totally equal, we arrive with nothing, we leave only with our experiences, hopefully including wisdom.
At the beginning and end of our lives, the question is the same,
"How did I get here?"
The first answer is simply that you were born as a result of creative instinct,.... the second answer will be derived from whatever you choose to do with your life.

Did you create or destroy?
Did you live in the world, or did you live off it?
Did you give or take?

If all the energy that was life itself, continues after the mechanics of material has ceased to exist, there is a lot of free energy that has all of the structure of life's experience contained within it.
Call it what you like, you cannot get away from the simple scientific fact that life's energy continues for infinity. If the same applies to the whole universe, it is an infinite amount of intelect of which we are all a small example,... small but potentially identical. We have a choice.
Whatever you do with this life will affect all life in the future, so, before you dismiss this theory, ask yourself,
"Why am I here?"

So? Why,.......?
(Come to think of it, why did you read this?)

OK,... so Email me and tell me what you think:

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