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Is it really possible to make somebody feel better, heal them even, without the use of medicine? Well, according to the records of some well-read and respected writings like the bible, historical records of various religions and simply the baffled reports of doctors, yes.
If you read the bit on ESP then maybe you have managed to grasp the basic idea that we all have some ability to sense other peoples' nervous emissions, even to the point where we manage to understand them. The ability to use this ESP for something like healing is probably the easiest of all its attributes. The main reason that most people with some ability in this "sixth-sense" business are not healers, is that they are often attracted by the possibility that they might make money from this "gift". Sad really, just like in that famous movie, there is a dark side to every force and being human, we have a weakness for finding it!
So how does healing work? This is so simple it amazed me when I worked it out. In modern medicine, there are many pieces of electronic equipment that are able to pick up and monitor various functions of the body. We have our own, far superior version of these machines, the doctors call it our immune system. As long as that little thing in our bodies is working OK, we have a healthy life. Of course, there are some things we throw into our bodies that don't exaclty help the functions of our bodies as a whole, so it tends to get into trouble,.. ill.
With the aplication of empathy, anybody's own immune system can pick up what is going on with another's. This is because panic and phobias are the most significant emmisions from our nervous systems as a whole. Picking up the problems caused by an illness is in fact all too easy.
What "healing" does is to pick up these symptomatic emmissions and figure out what that person's body should do to deal with them.
Now here is where I did run into a conflict with what I had previously worked out. Somehow, healers manage to transmit this set of altered information back to the person they picked it up from, above the "noise" that their body is already making. I think what happens is that they also use an empathic link to calm and soothe in order to carry this healing message to where it is needed.
Healing is simply one immune system communicating with another and sharing beneficial information. Anybody could do it, but do they really want to?
Things like broken bones and traumatic injury would require telekenesis, much more specialised but maybe not impossible, perhaps needs more effort and patience.
Basic healing skills are used by mothers all over the world, for their children. One classic case I recently came across in Australia is reported quite widely and it did indeed seriously baffle the medical staff at the hospital. Not only was this a case of 'healing' by a caring mother, well just read the article HERE and you'll see what I mean!
What can happen for some healers is that they communicate not only with their own body's system but also with the other living organisms and acheive truly miraculous results. The thing to remember is that this is a gift to be shared, not billed for; hence few medical research companies are very interested in studying it, the drug companies hate it and healing is generally regarded as hype and fraud. Those who have come across it in real life will tell you a very different perspective.
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