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This might get under your skin a bit. I have some rather strange ideas on life and the world in which we live. There are many varied beliefs in the world that, for the most part, are responsible for most of the wars and suffering. I do not want to add to this confusion, so if you have very strict religious rules you live by, I suggest you go and browse elsewhere!
Consider this for a moment, time doesn't really exist at all. Now that is a really odd statement to make but time is only relative to matter and the place it exists. If you accelerate matter of any sort, say by space travel, the faster it goes, the slower it ages. NASA found this out the hard way because they thought that Einsteinís theory only worked at light speed or around that. No, it works as soon as you travel at any speed and particularly, the greater the distance from our little spot in the universe. Incidentally, the scientists also thought that if we travelled at the speed of light, we would be crushed flat. Um, sorry guys, we are travelling at somewhere around seven and a half times the speed of light already in space, relative to the centre of the known Universe and my nose is still as long as it always was!
Why? Simple really. Einsteinís theory is one of relativity, it is relative to matter here on earth and in our finite time-scale. Time is only a function of the ageing of material and we measure our time by our planetís rotation and orbit round the Sun. Scientists rely on time for the measurement of all of their research, as they try to quantify the Universe, there seems to be matter missing.
Well that is not really surprising because not everything is in material form that is relative to our own existence. All matter is made up of energy, loads of it, all grooving together in one place according to the simple rule for all material in the Universe.
Energy cannot be created of destroyed and annoyingly, it is only obvious as it changes from one state to another. This means that in a stable condition not associated with material, it aint visible to us mere mortals or our equipment. Which then leads us to the question,
"So what has happened to it?"
OK, letís leave that question hanging in the air for a while, taking time to look at what life on this planet (or anywhere else for that matter) is actually made of.
Take a real good look at yourself in the mirror and you will see a collection of quite common chemicals, mixed with rather a lot of water that are actually not worth very much at all, in financial terms. What makes you a living being is that you have an additional amount of energy in your body that requires you to consume food in order to sustain it. That energy generates quite a lot of electricity as well, to allow the body to move and sense things with the nerves. It also enables the amazing calculations and feats of learning and memory in that strange analogue computer that is the brain!
When a body dies, the chemical bits and the water are pretty much the same as ever BUT,Ö the energy that held it all together ceases to do this and as a result, itís not long before all the bits fall apart. That leads us to another question.
"So what has happened to it?"
Hang on, doesnít that sound familiar? Yup,Ö same question but asked in slightly different contexts and amazingly, if you ask both versions at the same instant, the question answers itself for you.
Simple law of physics, energy cannot be created or destroyed, so it follows that the energy that was that beingís life, thoughts, emotions, experience, memories, leaves the body behind and continues to exist as free energy. Science has a problem with this theory, it cannot quantify this energy so it says, "It ceases to exist."
Well that sort of canít be, or the whole Universe would just vanish too. You canít have a rule that explains everything visible and then just tear it up because the other calculations donít work outside of life as we know it!
Actually, bright as he was, Einsteinís theory was only a theory and only relative to this time and space. Step outside those rather strict parameters and the whole thing falls apart. In our environment, finite maths works fine, as soon as energy ceases to be confined to this finite existence, our maths canít contain it. The moral of this is to stop trying to quantify everything in finite terms because some things just aint finite anymore!
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