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How many times have I heard people who are really into all the "New-Age" stuff, talk about vibrations and energy flows when, to be honest, what they are referring to is hardly as etherial and spooky as they often paint it! Despite many sceptics, in particular astronomers, stating that there is no reason for astrology and it is just a sharp way to make money, astrology does come up with a lot of interesting insights into personality.
If there is some sort of connection between where the planets and stars are and what we, as living beings, do in our lives, just what could cause that effect?
There is an interesting point to note that even people who have no interest in astrology, even those who say it is total rubbish, are none the less typecast by the date of their birth. A person's "Natal Birth Chart" does indeed carry very interesting insights into some areas of their personality that they might not wish to broadcast, or even admit to. What these astrological charts in fact point out, is that there are facets of a person's character that should be used and others that are to be guarded against. It does not make sense to take the whole thing at face value as if it were written in stone, it is merely a guideline.
There are so many things that are the subject of scientific argument, particularly when there is a medical risk perceived in some process or form of technology. One such argument that still rages on is the question as to whether radio frequencies can harm us. Well, to any of those who have any doubts about that, put a piece of meat in a microwave oven for a little longer than advised and find out for yourself! How did the microwave oven come into being? Simple, some poor engineer was next to a radio aerial and the damage caused was quick and fatal. OK, so those high power transmitters can do damage that is instantly obvious at close range, but what about lower power or greater range? A prominent doctor in Australia has some interesting results that would suggest there is a very real risk but, as usual, bigger money has bought different results. What I do draw from this is that there is an effect on the human body caused by electromagnetic radiation. The amount of radio emmissons required to cause instant, serious physical damage may be quite high but the body's nervous system actually works on electrical impulses so minute, we do not have the ability to measure them. The tiny charges that make up the sense of feeling and taste are to all intents and purposes nonexistent, that does not mean they don't work though does it?

Where am I going with all this? Well now we have to take a look at the way we have managed to understand our own solar system and the stars and galaxies in the universe. In addition to the telescopes that give us visual images, one of the ways that much has been learned about the wider universe and things like black holes, is the use of radio telescopes that have been able to detect things invisible to sight. The whole of space is filled with radio frequencies and here we are, on our little blue planet, absolutely wide open to them. Our own sun is quite capable of putting out massive amounts of radio interference that plays havok with communications on Earth. So maybe then, as a young brain takes in its first impressions of this world, there will be a certain level of background radio interference mixed in with it. (and as we all know, first impessions count don't they?)
Now you might begin to see that the star (sun) sign is a basic reference point but the Natal Chart plots all of the various close objects, thus it makes some sense of the periodic changes in the radio frequencies reaching Earth and imprinting a slight pattern in the way a baby's brain begins to function on its own.
The fact that all celestial bodies would seem to have huge magnets inside tham as well, means that they will have even more effect on this mass of radio noise and thus for a given point in time and space, there will be quite unique patterns. I would not expect any computer to be able to extract these differences, much as it is not possible to emulate the human brain. The human brain is, however, quite capable of making far more complex calculations than any machine ever built and although momentarily influenced at birth, goes on to make its own decisions based not on astrology but on choice and experience. What I am suggesting then, is that a presonality has some attributes that are patterned at birth. What happens after that is not governed by the stars, merely that given an original starting point, a person might make decisions based on that point but more vastly influenced by life and personal experience. So by all means, use astrology to understand why you are who you are but do not think that it can tell you what you should do, because that really is taking it a bit too far.
It is better to rely on free advice from a good friend, than to pay for a "forecast" from someone who has no idea who you are and charges you for the same BS they sold someone else last year!

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