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Ley lines? Consider the faults within the earth's crust and then small movements that rub piezo-electric crystals together, the same silicon based structures that produce enough electricity to generate a spark in a lighter, pass currents through the earth. Some people can sense where these lines are with what appear to be very simple tools. The fact is that it is the person's own body that picks up the signals, the tools merely pinpoint the source.
That little device in science fiction that enables a doctor to "scan" a body for injury or illness is not so far fetched as it might seem. All that is required is to isolate the signals within the body that deal with the immune system and simply read them out on some form of screen. Finding a computer capable of such complex decoding is not going to be easy. Perhaps, given that we have managed to train "etherial spies" (see note 1) it might be easier to train people to diagnose using such advanced technology, by using their minds,... the most advanced computer known to mankind!
There are many things in science fiction that are the ideas of fertile minds and a little alternative vision. Some are not so far fetched. What is often portrayed in sci-fi is our fear of what we do not understand, giving all alien lifeforms some measure of threat to life on our small planet. Personally, I doubt that very much!!
Perhaps the biggest threat to life on Earth is actually humans.

The purpose of this theory is to encourage you to investigate yourself, look at your life and how it functions. Look around our world and the universe.
Close your eyes and imagine yourself looking down on your home or office from outside and above it, look around from that point. It is not impossible to perceive all things from a very different perspective, the perspective you choose will determine what you actually learn. If you confine yourself to material, you will see material from a single point,.... the one you always use. Experiment with your mind, you have only used a fraction of it for most of your life,... there is more to it than conventional science.
I'm not convenional,... oh you'd noticed?

(1/ "Psychic Warrior" by David Morehouse is a book well worth reading.)

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