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ESP and Telepathy
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How many times do people say
"Oh I feel like I've been here before"?
Well, that isn't ESP (Extra Sensory Perception) really, but it does have something to do with the mechanics of it. As I have already pointed out in the other pages, (the ones you skipped to get here!) the brain works in strange ways with frequencies that are well up into what communications buffs call radio. The brain also tends to work on different levels, three basic ones:-
Forward conscious, Back conscious and Sub-conscious.
"Forward" is the small bit you use for everyday thinking, "Back" is the bit you drag things you need to remember out of, (sometimes it is a bit slow or confused, like mine!) and Sub-conscious is what runs your whole body and only really gets out to play when you are asleep and dreaming!
What sometimes happens is that you see or experience something and your sub-conscious does a quick re-run of some other stuff in your memory and dumps a complete senario into your forward mind so fast that you didn't really have time to notice what happened, but you "knew it was going to happen". Your brain cannot really function like this for too long or you would have a fit or go into a trance state. Your sub-conscious mind does work at a truly amazing speed, much too fast for the body to keep up. It also requires a lot of energy to do so, hence if you push it, it will tend to close down some body functions in order to get enough power to run. An epileptic person has the disadvantage of a brain that wants to run too fast and too often in this mode, what happens then is it gets a short-circuit somewhere and everything gets very confused and can shut down. Contrary to popular belief, epileptics are not stupid, they think faster and it costs them dearly, so they take pills to slow things down to "normal" for the benefit of lesser mortals!


Some people do have an uncanny ability to read minds, sense danger, affect solid objects and so on. What they are doing is using the normally untapped sub-conscious and actually picking up and understanding the "radio-frequency" waveforms that we all transmit, and their minds can also act like radars. The nerves are like aerials connected to the brain, we all transmit whether we intend to or not and over vast distances too! The art of EMPATHY is to "shut up and listen"! It is possible to understand these signals because we all rely on very similar nerve patterns. This is used daily in medical monitoring but most doctors dismiss the idea even though they do insist we turn off our cellphones in the hospital because it mucks up their equipment.
Jung had a theory that there was a "collective consciousness", he didn't have the knowledge of radio, or the electical currents of the nervous system that we have today, if he had, his theory might not have seemed so outrageous as it did then. I think he was right, tapping into that "collective mind" merely requires letting go of one's own frenzy and just istening. Women tend to be better at it and can use it for self preservation and manipulating men. They also use it to "monitor" their children.
Sorry there isn't more to this page, the mechanics of this very natural ability are too simple for big and complicated explanations.
If you think about it, it will become very clear because the brain understands it even if "you" don't!!

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