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Why Do I sing?
  Not to annoy the neighbours,.. honest! I suppose I was singing before I could talk. I have this strange memory of listening to an electric motor and trying to make some sounds in tune with it, not just at the same note but in harmony. When I mentioned this memory to my mother, she said I would spend ages "singing" to the hoover,... I did it from a few months old apparently!

  The first poem I wrote was on a small notepad I was given as a birthday present. Although it had no title at the time, my mother saved it and called it "the daisy poem". I was six years old and had written several other poems but when I took them in to show my school teacher, a real dragon called Taylor, she tore them up and threw them in the bin.
It didn't stop me writing though,... I find it easier to write in lyrical poetry than like this! If that makes me weird then I'm happy to be weird. (And anyone who knows me will understand just how weird I can be!)

  Here you will (eventually) find my poems amd lyrics which I guess might tell the more inquisitive more about me than I would normally let out on conversation. No appologies, I write from the heart and possibly "from the hip" at times, hence my style has been described as "Emotional Turmoil" by my friends and fans. Fans? Well I seem to have a few,.. I am being asked for more recordings so OK, there is work in progress on those, email me for details if you really want one out of the first run.

  Oh yeah,... there seems to be a little confusion happening around me. I have been called PB since about 1972 and there seems to be some other people and a band with the same name now. I have been using this "handle" for too long to change it now so, I'm not the rapper, nor the band or any part of it,.. just plain solo PB.


The one short run tape album I did sold a few hundred only but seems to have been breeding, so if you have a copy there's a good chance it's a bootleg. I stopped producing them because the master was lost and the actual copies I had done, had all the bass guitar wound out of the mix and turned into mush. I've re-done the thing as a CD
"Take It or Leave It!" CD,..
It's a re-mix of the original album.
There is another, Emotional Archives
Email me for a copy!

 Oh yeah, and I know there are a whole load more bootlegs of my stuff out there in various versions too,.... heaven only knows who did them but I guess there was a demand I didn't meet, so someone else did!!

  I happen to like art too. I'm not the best at it myself so having a daughter, Ruth, who is,.. comes as a bit of a relief. As I also have friends who are equally gifted, like Jess Chilcott and Rex Short I have been putting together a gallery for you to browse through. Some of you will want copies of these pictures so if you email me, I can arrange for you to buy one of the limited edition prints available. So where is this gallery? Well, it will be here as soon as these atrists get some stuff to me so I can post it up here!

  What else? Well go search!

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...and if your brain can stand the strain!...
...Weirdology,.. the Deep Stuff...
"Weirdology is that portion of 'odd' science that conventional scientists wish would go away.....
.....because they can't deal with it !
It is however where most of the Real Answers are !"