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Material Influences
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Any one who uses a metal detector to find hidden trasures, or simply the cash the tourists dropped on the beach, will tell you that heavily mineralised soil can play havock with a badly tuned or cheap detector!
So what?
So it is also the case that some materials outside the body can have a marked effect on how it functions. Not only in a material sense but also in how the nerves carry their little signals about. If you hold the end of an oscilloscope probe, the most obvious thing you will see is a huge signal that is the frequency of the mains electricity,... if you filter that out, you will be looking at other radio emmissions and your own nerve signals. Radio signals are notoriously affected by solid objects and certain minerals have more effect than others, steel being the most noticable.
What happens to our nervous signals when particular minerals come into close proximity, such as the various crystal objects used for "therapy"? Most crystaline structures are capable of some form of piezo-electric effect to a greater or lesser degree. In other words, they can be made to resonate when a voltage is applied or even produce electricity when hit hard enough. This unique property is used in the computer you are using and to provide enough of a spark to ignite a flame in your gas cooker. What they might do to the nervous system is here, pure theory, but this theory makes more sense than some scientists' total rejection of any effect.
The body emits radio waves, electromagnetic alternating energy. If you put a crystaline structure in this field, it will either resonate in symathy with a particular frequency, thus amplifying it; or it will tend to cause a shift in the frequency and reduce it slightly.
Thus ceratain crystaline structures may well cause very definite alterations in the nerve signals. How they can be applied in a general way is a matter for learning. Certainly, it has been my experience that copper bracelets do work and I also have used copper in a neck band that seems to have a beneficial effect on my singing voice, magnets do affect certain things when used in different ways and I have found a definite affinity with very particular crystaline structures for other purposes. It will be a matter of what you feel works best for you, but do experiment.
Eating crystals is only likely to damage your intestines so DON'T, no matter who suggests it!
What crystal should you wear? Just pick what you feel happy with,... it really is that simple, experiment, enjoy the beauty of these amazing works of nature.

Colours in your environment can have a marked effect on your overall perceptions, not only what you see but in how you react to what you see. Therapy with colours is a very real way to tailor your perception and general thoughts, so do take notice of your surroundings and what colours you use in your home!

Smell is usually the last sense to leave us before we die. It warns us of danger and is also a source of great pleasure. It can trigger memories and as memories are entirely a neuro-function, aromatherapy must, when practised by a trained therapist, be very effective in stimulating the body's entire systems. Your body has instinctive, inbuilt reactions to smells, use them to the best effect you can.

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