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Hi, I'm Pete.
Welome to my strange opinions pages. I don't expect you to agree with everything here,... I expect some of you to hate it!
Better still, keep your sanity and DO NOT READ ON!
Contained in these few words are the results of hours of pondering the wonders of science, the universe, life on earth and possibly elsewhere, astrology, ESP, and all those things that have become so popular with ageing hippies! (Like me!)
The bits in here are extracts from my book currently in progress. There is more to the theory but but I'm still trying to get it all into some sort of order that makes sense to most people and anyway,.. it would make heavy going for a web page wouldn't it?
Oh so you actually think it should be here,.. well in that case you'll just have to keep coming back to see what's been added/updated won't you?
This all began with me wondering why there is so much that just doesn't get much credible attention in science. did you know that the EEG was invented to try and understand a very definite incident of telepathy? That is so strange because now it is used to prove the opposite, in spite of still so many such events documented.
That is the point I picked up on and strangely, my music electronics skills opened the door to the more likely reality of such things, including the odd limitations that even modern science places on what it thinks the human body and mind can do.
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OK,... now put your brain into neutral for a while, hang onto your seat and read on !
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